How Do You Promote Team Innovation?

In our work with corporate team building programming, we have the opportunity to witness team innovation in action on a regular basis. We are consistently amazed at how similar the innovation process is across industries and functional organizations. Great ideas are often voiced, but in the pressure of time these can sometimes be lost in the desire to jump into action. Moving into task too quickly can derail a team into pursuing a solution that may not capitalize on the opportunities that exist. Teams that spend more time in the process of innovation often execute solutions that achieve higher performance.

Here are 4 Ways to Enhance Innovation for Teams:

1) Listen to All Team Members – Keep your ears open to all ideas. Some team members may not be as comfortable voicing their ideas when others are dominating the conversation.
2) Seek Out Creative Team Members – It is a fact that some team members are more naturally creative while others are better at organizing and implementation. Recognize the ‘creative’ resources on your team.
3) Respect Team Member Ideas – Explore and question ideas before dismissing. Give credit where and when it is due. This goes a long way in motivating the team!
4) Commit to Innovation – Create time for innovation. Don’t let the fast paced demands of ‘task’ derail the opportunity for innovation team sessions.