DiSCprofiles_plus_authorized_DiSClogoCorporate Teams delivers engaging and interactive workshops that keep team members actively involved and creates a platform for actionable outcomes that ultimately drive organizational performance.

Consider adding a Profile Assessment to dive deeper into communication styles and uncover team behaviors that can be leveraged to drive balanced teamwork.  Or, add an experiential element with the Team Performance Challenge that engages teams in active challenges putting principles into action.

Leadership Influence

Learning to differentiate between ‘Leading People’ and ‘Managing Things’ is one of the most critical factors that determine success within an organization. Team MeetingThe Leadership Influence interactive workshop engages team members in exploring the differences between leadership influence and management.  Understanding how to balance the power between the two increases overall performance while driving employee engagement and commitment.

Leveraging Differences in Communication Styles to Drive Team Performance

Increasing awareness of individual communication behaviors provides a platform of understanding on how to leverage team member strengths while managing opportunities for improvement.  Communication differences within a team provide the power to drive balanced team communications and increased efficiency of team problem solving.

Elevate Sales Effectiveness

Product and service knowledge no longer guarantees sales success.  To compete effectively and win business, sales teams must act as consultants, customer advocates, problem-solvers, educators, negotiators, change agents, exceptional service providers and more.  Successful sales professionals establish a solution selling mindset that drives performance and results across the organization.  This approach broadens the scope of possibility while increasing sales opportunities and ultimately positions the sales team as a valued business partner.