Corporate Teams interactive workshops and coaching services provide teams and leaders with actionable learning and on-going development that ultimately drives individual and organizational performance.

Leadership Challenge

Team MeetingToday’s highest performing leaders inspire and lead by example. The Leadership Challenge engages leadership teams in an authentic dialogue exploring how the team perceives its performance in the areas of:  Team Trust, Leveraging Conflict, Creating Team Commitment, Peer Accountability, and Achieving Results.

  • Develop actionable strategies for immediate application to drive leadership influence and results
  • Create a stronger foundation of trust within the team
  • Increase commitment & engagement across the organization
  • Leverage conflict by understanding self and others
  • Measure on-going team performance against the initial benchmark
  • Engage in behavioral performance coaching to increase leadership influence

Team Engagement & Performance Challenge

Increase awareness of individual communication behaviors and provide a platform of understanding on how to leverage team member strengths while managing opportunities for improvement.  Communication differences within a team provide the power to drive balanced team communications and increased efficiency of team problem solving.

  • Increase awareness of your communication preferences; workplace priorities; how you manage conflict; problem-solving and decision making styles; and what strengths you bring to a team
  • Apply strategies to put principles into action and drive communication effectiveness
  • Increase team alignment and commitment within the team
  • Develop leadership influence skills that support a collaborative workplace
  • Provides a platform for on-going team member collaboration with a mobile platform. Team members can compare communication styles, access specific tips on how to increase communication effectiveness with team members, create Team Reports to understand how a team’s style may impact decision making, and access strategies and tips on demand to increase communication effectiveness across a team