Paint & Create Murals


Unleash the team’s creativity and get ready to paint!  Perfect for a social/interactive experience while team members mingle and enjoy food and beverage.  The colorful murals can decorate corporate offices or can brighten the walls for donation to a local charitable organization on behalf of your team.

Corporate Teams organizes everything behind the scenes.  Your job is to get the team ready to have fun and paint!

Program Agenda

Ready, Set, Go!

Tables are stationed throughout the meeting venue.  Framed paint by color canvas murals and a colorful palette of paints are ready to go.  Team members grab a beverage or light appetizer and move into action.


Divide and conquer.  Who is meticulous with fine lines?  Who might excel at the wide-open spaces?  Don’t forget the fixer – they put the finishing touches on each masterpiece.

Mural Images

There are many colorful mural outcomes possible.  Individual murals provide a takeaway for each team member.  Giant murals consisting of six panels can be created to decorate corporate offices or to brighten up the walls of a well deserving charitable organization.

The BIG Picture

Watch the puzzles come together!  Without seeing the final images, team members put the pieces together to create the giant mural images.

Recipient Donation

If your team chooses to donate to a cause, Corporate Teams coordinates with a local recipient organization to receive your generous donation.  A representative from the recipient organization can formally receive your gifts on-site or Corporate Teams will deliver the murals on your behalf.

Requirements & Logistics

Corporate Teams manages all aspects of the social/interactive experience and behind the scenes logistics.  Every detail is handled – your job is to get the team excited and ready to go!

  • Coordinate with meeting venue for set-up that optimizes the social/interactive experience
  • Provide all the Supplies: Custom Mural Images, Paints, Brushes and Full Protection Apparel
  • Manage gifting process on behalf of your company with selected recipient organization


Corporate Teams is committed to creating an engaging, fun, creative, and meaningful experience for the team.

  • Inspires the team to collaborate and connect
  • Engages the team in a fun and interactive social experience
  • Provides team members the opportunity to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of a well deserving group of recipients if a charitable donation is chosen

All programs include

Throw out the technology. Instead of your team following a device telling you where to go and what to do, it is up to your team to collaborate and problem-solve.

We recognize that this is not just an ‘event’. Our programming is about building teams, incorporating strategic and collaborative team building challenges, and giving back to the community. We are seasoned facilitators that deliver high impact team/leader programming.

Complex, Strategic, and Highly Collaborative Team Initiatives that Promote ‘Balanced Teamwork’ for High Performing Teams

Corporate Teams takes care of everything behind the scenes. Coordination includes: Client Requirements; Program Delivery and Facilitation; Venue Logistics; Recipient Organization and Logistics; Recipient Involvement On-Site; Equipment Safety.

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