Create a platform of understanding across teams to drive increased communication, trust-building, collaboration, and commitment with an Emergenetics in Action training session.

Emergenetics: Leverage Thinking Styles and Drive Team Performance

Emergenetics in Action is a dynamic, interactive, and hands-on experience that allows team members to put principles into action. Team members develop an understanding of what Emergenetics is and how different styles influence leadership and team communications while leveraging style differences as positions of strength and increased team effectiveness.

The power behind the Emergenetics® Profile test is that it measures patterns of Thinking and Behaving that emerge from your genetic blue-print and life experiences. Unlike many profiles that focus solely on behaviors with a representation across four styles of behaviors, Emergenetics profile tests measure individual preferences over seven attributes that distinguish Thinking from Behaving.

Behavioral Attributes are what is most easily observed to the outer world. It takes more interaction to discover individuals Thinking Attributes.

What is Emergenetics and how does it work? Rather than stereotype into four Thinking Attribute areas, the Behavioral Attributes of Emergenetics describe a continuum of behaviors seen by others in the areas of Expressiveness, Assertiveness, and Flexibility. As an example, not all Conceptual Thinkers are alike. The Behavioral Attributes distinguish specific behaviors of an individual who falls within the Conceptual Thinking Attribute. This is an important distinction and results in a deeper understanding of communication styles and how they show up in team members.

Key Takeaways of the Emergenetics® Profile

The Emergenetics® Profile test provides an opportunity to increase awareness of personality styles and behavioral strengths. Understanding the diversity of strengths and challenges across a team allows leaders to leverage different preferences and increase collaboration.

  • Increase Effectiveness and Outcomes of Meetings
  • Leverage Team Communications and Drive Team Engagement
  • Improve Presentation Effectiveness By Adapting Communication to Diverse Audiences
  • Harness Team Member Strengths to Increase Engagement
  • Develop Persuasion Skills and Influence