This professionally facilitated session is a dynamic, interactive, and hands-on experience that allows team members to put Everything DiSC principles into immediate action. Team members develop an understanding of how DiSC assessment can help team building and influence team communications and collaboration. Communication preferences are leveraged as positions of strength to drive teamwork and performance.

Everything DiSC for Teams

The DiSC Workplace Profile provides a ‘language of teamwork’ to drive collaboration and achieve collective results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increase awareness of your communication preferences; workplace priorities; how you manage conflict; problem-solving and decision making styles; and what strengths you bring to a team
  • Apply strategies to put principles into action and drive communication effectiveness
  • Build team alignment and commitment within the team
  • Develop leadership influence skills that support a collaborative workplace
  • DISC assessment helps team building and provides a platform for on-going team member collaboration with the MyEverythingDiSC mobile app. Team members can compare communication styles, access specific tips on how to increase communication effectiveness with team members, create Team Reports to understand how a team’s style may impact decision making, and access strategies and tips on demand to increase communication effectiveness across a team

Everything DiSC Workplace Overview

Everything DiSC Workplace Sample Report

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