featimg_DiSCprofilesDiSC® assessments measure personality and behavioral styles providing leaders and team members with feedback that includes:  how you respond to challenges; how you influence others; your preferred pace; your response to change; and your work style in action.

DiSC® workshops are highly engaging providing leaders and team members to integrate DiSC® Styles into hands-on challenges that simulate a fast-paced dynamic workplace.  Principles are put into action with the opportunity to ‘try on’ behavior shifts that move team members towards increased communication effectiveness.

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DiSC® Workplace

The DiSC® Workplace benefits all types of employees across an organization.  An individualized 20-page report provides feedback outlining personal communication styles and how they influence communication.   Team members are able to leverage strengths across the team with increased awareness of personal results and overall team results. Everything... More

DiSC® Management

The DiSC® Management assessment provides leaders and managers with specific feedback that includes:  Developing a Manager/Leader’s Management Style; Improving Communications Across the Team and Beyond; Increasing Employee Engagement; How to Increase Team Member Motivation.  Managers and Leaders are able to leverage strengths across the team and... More

Work of Leaders

The Work of Leaders assessment focuses on a three-step process to help leaders to reflect on how leaders approach:  Creating a Vision; Building Alignment Around that Vision; and Championing Execution of the Vision.  Assessment results focus on developing preferred behaviors that are based on best practices.  Best practices are context specific providing... More

DiSC® 363 for Leaders

DiSC® 363 for Leaders describes a rich spectrum of behaviors called Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership.  Using CommentSmart, our exclusive comments feature, raters choose from pre-written, highly-tested comments, giving feedback that’s focused, balanced, and constructive.  Three specific leadership behaviors are identified for focused development... More

DiSC® Sales

The DiSC® Sales assessment helps sales professionals to increase sales effectiveness and build customer relationships.  Feedback includes:  Understanding Your DiSC® Sales Style; Identifying Customer DiSC® Buying Styles; and Discovering How to Adapt Style to Meet Customer Needs.  Communication awareness allows sales professionals to adapt style and... More