Emergenetics® provides individuals, teams, and leaders the ability to identify and leverage behavior patterns that drive balanced teamwork and increased performance.  The Emergenetics® profile measures three behavioral attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual).  This brain-based psychometric assessment creates a common language by which people can more effectively communicate in a dynamic and fast-changing environment.

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Apply Emergenetics® to the Workplace

Virtual or In-Person Workshops:  Corporate Teams offers engaging, hands-on workshops that put the principles of Emergenetics® into action.  Exercises, Team Challenges, and Action Learning provide team members with applications that can be immediately put to use in the workplace.

Coaching:  Corporate Teams provides one-to-one coaching for individuals interested in deepening their understanding of Thinking and Behavioral Attributes.  Individuals learn how to increase effectiveness of communications and develop skills for engaging team members, employees, clients, and management.

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Key Takeaways of the Emergenetics® Profile

Using the Whole Emergenetics® approach, we can harness our brain power to learn more easily, remember things longer, communicate more effectively, make better decisions, and persuade others.  The Emergenetics® Profile provides leaders and team members the opportunity to increase awareness of personality styles and behavioral strengths.  Understanding the diversity of a team allows leaders to leverage differences and increase collaboration.

  • Increase Effectiveness of Facilitating Meetings & Creating Team Buy-In
  • Leverage Communications to Increase Team Engagement & Motivation
  • Improve Presentation Effectiveness By Adapting Communication to a Diverse Audience
  • Increase Team Collaboration By Leveraging Team Member Strengths
  • Improve Persuasive Powers and Influence

Four Thinking Attributes

Each person possesses, to a certain degree, each Thinking Attribute.  It is the energy you generate around these Attributes that distinguishes your personality.  Awareness of Thinking Attributes provides team members with the opportunity to leverage strengths and energy providing increased engagement and collaboration across the team.  The Emergenetics® Profile highlights the percentages across each of the Thinking Attributes.  Ultimately individuals are a blend of the four Thinking Attributes with one or more Attributes being more prominent.

Analytically Thinking (represented by the color blue) is logical, rational, objective, factual, and skeptical.

Structural Thinking (represented by the color green) is practical, cautious, predictable, and methodical.

Social Thinking (represented by the color red) is sympathetic, connected, socially aware, and intuitive about other people.

Conceptual Thinking (represented by the color yellow) is imaginative, creative, innovative, visionary, and intuitive about ideas.

Fred Simpson IndividualProfileRpt-2

Three Behavioral Attributes

The Behavioral Attributes are what people notice about you.  They can’t see how you think, but they can observe how you behave.  To refine the process further, the Behavioral Attributes are described along a spectrum.  This continuum is split into thirds to provide individuals with a clear understanding of how scores fall across each of the Behavioral Attributes.

Expressiveness is our interest in others and in the world around us.  People who are on the left side of the Expressiveness continuum are reserved, quiet, private, and self-sufficient.  People who are on the right side of the continuum like to attract attention.  They are outgoing, affectionate, and easy to talk to.

Assertiveness is the energy we invest in communicating our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.  People on the left side of the Assertiveness continuum are easygoing, amiable, and even passive.  People on the right side of the continuum are driving, competitive, and even confrontational.

Flexibility is our willingness to accommodate the thoughts and actions of other people and to meet their needs.  People who are on the left side of the Flexibility continuum have strong opinions, prefer defined situations, and can be stubborn.  People on the right side of the continuum are accommodating, open to suggestions, and can be indecisive.

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