The Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders profile focuses on the three competencies that drive successful leaders: Creating a Vision; Building Alignment for the Vision; and Championing Execution. Combined with DiSC styles feedback, leaders are able to integrate DiSC styles with the understanding of essential leadership competencies. The DiSC Work of Leaders profile includes feedback with a 25-page report and includes access to the mobile platform.


Key Benefits of the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile

  • Highlights three leadership competencies: Vision, Alignment, and Execution
  • Focuses on actionable steps directed at leading a team, group, or organization toward desired outcomes
  • Outlines how DiSC styles contribute to leadership success and how to leverage your specific DiSC strengths
  • Relevant for leaders at all levels
  • Increases understanding of how colleagues see your leadership behaviors – strengths and challenges – and to gain insights into opportunities for increasing leadership effectiveness
  • Provides a mobile platform for team member collaboration with the (we will have a page for this to link to). Leaders can compare DiSC styles with others, create Groups and Team Reports, and apply strategies to increase leadership influence and collaboration across the organization

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Overview

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Sample Report 

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