Leverage the success of your most important resources – employees. The PXT Select™ suite of profile assessments helps organizations place the right people in the right positions. Use these powerful tools to: evaluate performance, select the best resources for a position, coach and develop team members, onboard employees for new positions, and evaluate overall team performance.

The PXT Select suite of assessments includes access to nine profile reports. Reports can be generated for use in a variety of scenarios. To purchase a PXT Select report directly, visit our partner site, www.ProfileAssessments.com.

PXT Select Suite of Profile Assessments

PXT Select WeightsPXT Select measures an individual’s thinking style or cognitive abilities, behaviors, and interests. Profile reports provide actionable feedback to develop and coach individuals for increased performance and assess the fit of potential candidates.

Comprehensive Selection Report
Evaluate how an employee is performing in a current role or use as a selection tool to source the right candidate.

Team Report
Assess overall team performance or evaluate a new team member’s fit to a current team.

Multiple Positions Report
A valuable resource for career coaching. Evaluate an individual for several positions within the organization to determine the best fit.

Manager-Employee Report
Increase communication effectiveness between managers and employees. Specific feedback provides thoughtful questions to create a foundation of authentic dialogue.

Multiple Candidates Report
A side-by-side comparison of multiple candidates for a single position. Measures fit in the areas of: Thinking Styles; Behavioral Styles; and Interests.

Coaching Report
Includes feedback and coaching tips of how an employee is performing in a current position. Highlights individual’s strengths and opportunity areas for development.

Individual’s Feedback Report
Narrative feedback report providing targeted areas of development across: Thinking Styles; Behavioral Traits; and Interests.

Performance Model Report
Identifies the success range of scores for specific job role in the areas of: Cognitive Abilities; Behavioral Traits; and Interests.

Individual’s Graph
Visual supplement of an employee or candidate’s results across the PXT Model. Best used with the Individual Feedback Report.

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