The Everything DiSC Workplace profile is the updated version of the DiSC Classic 2.0 and takes the principles of DiSC to the next level. The DiSC Workplace profile provides feedback with a 20-page report and includes access to the mobile platform.


Key Benefits of the Everything DiSC Workplace

  • Increases team member awareness of: what drives you at work; how you manage conflict; your preference for problem-solving; and what strengths you bring to a team
  • Improves employee engagement by increasing communication effectiveness. Team members learn to recognize the different styles of DiSC and put into practice strategies to align communications within a team
  • Develops the ability for teams to practice leadership influence – a dynamic process of working collaboratively within teams
  • Provides a platform for on-going team member collaboration with the mobile platform. Team members can compare DiSC styles, create Team Reports, and access strategies and tips on demand to increase communication effectiveness across a team

Everything DiSC Workplace Overview

Everything DiSC Workplace Sample Report

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