The Corporate Teams commitment is to create meaningful corporate team building and large group team building event experiences for your team to help propel them to higher levels of performance. The cornerstone of our large group event planning model is to combine body, mind, and spirit in a way that increases trust and team member loyalty and commitment.

Corporate Teams delivers a high-energy large group team building and leadership development program to elevate teams and leaders to a higher level of individual performance as well as improved team interaction. All large group team building programs are customized to fit your company’s ‘language of teamwork’. Our large group event planning solutions are created collaboratively with clients.  Each of our proposals is a work in progress allowing for event planning flexibility that adapts into a finely tuned large group team building program which hits the mark for your team.

Master Facilitators

The foundation of the Corporate Teams facilitation is built upon the expertise of our founders and their executive level work for and with leading global companies. Their leadership and large group e team building experience is based on real world exposure at the highest levels of corporate management.

Large Group Events & Corporate Team Building

We recognize that to deliver a large group team building program that is powerful, well organized, and provides lasting impact requires masterful facilitators. Our team delivers an exciting and productive program – your team members are actively engaged and challenged to learn and build throughout the team building process… and beyond.
Superior Large Group Event Management

Corporate Teams takes care of all large group event planning, team building and everything behind the scenes. Coordination includes: Customized Client Requirements; Program Delivery and Facilitation; Venue Logistics; Client Programming Logistics.

Our commitment is to create an environment of learning that is interactive, experiential, with dynamic applications that align to the workplace. Our goal is to shift corporate teams to an increased level of communication through trust building, supportive collaboration and team member accountability. Tell us about your team and we will provide you customized large group event and team building solutions that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Check out our Charity Bike Event, an event that not only challenges your team to be collaborative while working under the pressure of time, but also results in the gift of bicycles to underprivileged children in your area. Or, perhaps your organization would like to provide for needy families who have a parent deployed overseas in the military, or help families who have a child suffering in the hospital. We offer the Children’s Hospital Backpacks for Health and Battalion Buddies charitable events that are hands-on, engaging, creative, and collaborative team building programs. These three large group team building events are just a small sample of the Charitable/Philanthropic events we offer. Look at our “Events” page for more information on all of the options for your teams.