Move your team into motion with the fast, competitive and truly hilarious DIY WIN It Team Challenge!  Teams huddle up and create a Win IT team shout out to let everyone know who WON It after each challenge.  Ready, set, action – a rapid series of team challenges pits teams against one another.  The objective – out perform the competition by earning the most points.

The DIY WIN It package comes with everything you need start to finish.  Corporate Teams customizes the delivery specifically for your team selecting team challenges that are sure to keep teams on their toes and having fun.  A detailed Blueprint provides all the information needed to run with the event:  set-up, how to distribute supplies/equipment, challenge rules, timeline, venue requirements and a fully scripted guide to ensure your team leader is 100% confident, comfortable, and ready to go.

Program Agenda

Ready, Set, Action!

Teams are ready to sprint into action for the fast paced show down of the WIN IT Team Challenge.  A high-energy kick-off gears the team up for the frenzy of competition.

Win It TEAM Challenge In Action

A series of fast and furious challenges has teams fully engaged.  Teams race to complete the challenges as quickly as possible.  Points are awarded for the top three teams with a cumulative scoring system.  All teams stay in the game until the final challenge.

Results & Celebration

The nail biting finish has teams on the edge of their seats while the results are announced.  The winners are?!

Requirements & Logistics

Corporate Teams packages and ships out all the materials and supplies for your DIY WIN IT program.  The DIY Blueprint provides everything you need start to finish – customized for your venue, timeline, number of participants, and team challenges selected along with a fully scripted guide. Our team will review the Blueprint prior to your delivery so you are 100% confident and ready to go!

The DIY WIN IT Blueprint includes:

  • Set-Up Guidelines
  • Agenda/Timeline
  • Event Kick-Off Process
  • Team Challenge Rules & Scoring
  • Scripting for Each Agenda Item
  • Final Results and Celebration!
  • Clean-Up


The Win IT Team Challenge emulates the dynamic pace of the daily work environment providing team members the opportunity to:

  • Strategize quickly before jumping into action
  • Analyze the possibilities
  • Organize efficiently into action
  • Manage for continual improvement
  • Inspire the team to work collaboratively and to use resources wisely
  • Have fun!!

All programs include

Throw out the technology. Instead of your team following a device telling you where to go and what to do, it is up to your team to collaborate and problem-solve.

We recognize that this is not just an ‘event’. Our programming is about building teams, incorporating strategic and collaborative team building challenges, and giving back to the community. We are seasoned facilitators that deliver high impact team/leader programming.

Complex, Strategic, and Highly Collaborative Team Initiatives that Promote ‘Balanced Teamwork’ for High Performing Teams

Corporate Teams takes care of everything behind the scenes. Coordination includes: Client Requirements; Program Delivery and Facilitation; Venue Logistics; Recipient Organization and Logistics; Recipient Involvement On-Site; Equipment Safety.

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