Do It Yourself Cool Tools for School


Gather the team and get ready to package Cool Tools for School!  The DIY Cool Tools for School program provides a creative, collaborative and meaningful experience for teams that want to make an impact in the local community for kids.  

Why choose a DIY program?  For teams that want to bring the group together for an engaging experience with a focus on Community Giveback and are working with a limited budget, the DIY format provides a seamless experience from start to finish.  We handle the details and you get the team ready to go!

Corporate Teams sends you everything you need.  Backpacks, lots of Cool Tools for School, colorful decorations and supplies along with the DIY Blueprint which outlines all the details to engage your team in a highly creative and meaningful experience.  Your team is sure to enjoy the process!

Program Agenda

The DIY Cool Tools for School Blueprint outlines a recommended agenda and timeline that is customized specifically to your team.  It is driven by the amount of time you have allocated for the experience.  Optional activities are included so you have the opportunity to pick and choose what elements you would like to include in the program.  

A sample agenda may look like this:

Optional Activity: Team Giveback Share
Icebreaker Activity
Unleash Creativity: Teams Move into Motion & Craft Designs
Optional Activity: Share the Story of Your Team Designs
Optional Competition: Categories for Awards
Optional: Team Photos
Optional: Charitable Donation Representative
Wrap-Up and Celebration!

A timeline is included for each element of the agenda so you can adapt the delivery as needed.  Corporate Teams creates your customized agenda based on: team objectives; timeline; venue; and number of Cool Tools Backpacks donated.

Requirements & Logistics

Program length and complexity will be tailored to fit your specific timeline.

Corporate Teams manages all the work behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry about anything. Materials and supplies delivery to the chosen meeting venue; venue management and logistics/set-up; coordination with outside organizations as required; integration of team objectives into the program delivery; and fine-tuning of programming to fit the timeframe and needs of your team.

Your job is to show up and move into action!


Teams of all types will benefit from this program format, which emulates the dynamic pace of the daily work environment providing team members the opportunity to strategize quickly, analyze alternatives, move into action, while leaving time to improve upon performance.  Active engagement by all team members is necessary for high performing teams.

All programs include

Throw out the technology. Instead of your team following a device telling you where to go and what to do, it is up to your team to collaborate and problem-solve.

We recognize that this is not just an ‘event’. Our programming is about building teams, incorporating strategic and collaborative team building challenges, and giving back to the community. We are seasoned facilitators that deliver high impact team/leader programming.

Complex, Strategic, and Highly Collaborative Team Initiatives that Promote ‘Balanced Teamwork’ for High Performing Teams

Corporate Teams takes care of everything behind the scenes. Coordination includes: Client Requirements; Program Delivery and Facilitation; Venue Logistics; Recipient Organization and Logistics; Recipient Involvement On-Site; Equipment Safety.

Your One-Stop Provider

Add a profile assessment, facilitator or speaker to create a custom program!

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