Save the Titanic is not about building a small cardboard boat that floats in a pool!  This challenge requires teams to construct a giant raft that is capable of carrying 3-4 team members out to a distant iceberg on a lake or in the ocean.

Add in the element of two project teams working together in a simulated virtual environment.  Each project team is responsible for building a different part of the Titanic – the bow or stern.  Final integration is the final test as virtual project teams merge the two structures and create the Titanic ship.  Strong collaboration is a must to integrate the bow and stern successfully and create a seaworthy Titanic!

Program Agenda

Kick Off

Teams gather on the shore ready to move into action.  Corporate Teams introduces the TEAM Balance Model for High Performing Teams as a framework for effective and efficient problem solving.

Titanic in Action

Virtual project teams are paired together each tasked with building either the bow or the stern. Working independently, project teams have limited communications throughout the process.

Armed with valuable construction materials, teams carefully craft a design for the bow and stern. The integration phase brings the parts together for final assembly.  Teams must manage their time wisely to ensure time for testing and refinement.

Ready to Race!

Titanic ships must remain fully functional and float worthy.  A relay race around the floating iceberg determines the winners!

Action Debrief

Teams finish with an interactive dialogue that pulls together key insights and takeaways that can be put into action upon return to the workplace.

Requirements & Logistics

Corporate Teams commits to a seamless delivery and tight logistics from start to finish.  Everything is handled behind the scenes:  management of logistics with the meeting venue; permits (if required); shipping/tracking of all equipment and supplies.

All you have to do is get the team ready to go.


  • Develop increased trust among team members
  • Understand how to balance differences in communication styles and to balance team member strengths
  • Increase efficiencies of problem-solving using the TEAM Balance Model for High Engagement teams
  • Manage opportunities across a dynamic environment that changes rapidly
  • Develop strategies for capitalizing on limited resources
  • Identify opportunities for continual improvement
  • Increase effectiveness of overall team communications

All programs include

Throw out the technology. Instead of your team following a device telling you where to go and what to do, it is up to your team to collaborate and problem-solve.

We recognize that this is not just an ‘event’. Our programming is about building teams, incorporating strategic and collaborative team building challenges, and giving back to the community. We are seasoned facilitators that deliver high impact team/leader programming.

Complex, Strategic, and Highly Collaborative Team Initiatives that Promote ‘Balanced Teamwork’ for High Performing Teams

Corporate Teams takes care of everything behind the scenes. Coordination includes: Client Requirements; Program Delivery and Facilitation; Venue Logistics; Recipient Organization and Logistics; Recipient Involvement On-Site; Equipment Safety.

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