Mike is Co-Founder and Partner of 7 Degrees Unlimited, a neuroscience-based firm with solutions that are proven to improve performance and well-being for individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations. By leveraging brain mapping and neurofeedback, 7 Degrees is able to identify areas of opportunity to improve work performance while also delivering improved overall wellness. Their solutions are FDA approved, non-invasive, 100% data driven and fully HIPAA compliant.

Prior to co-founding 7 Degrees Unlimited, Mike was a Product and Marketing Executive with over 30 years of experience in multiple industries. He successfully developed and led global teams for numerous organizations including Western Union, NCR, US West Dex, The Signature Group and Izodia.

Mike holds a Master of Science degree in integrated marketing communications with an emphasis in database marketing from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science in business and marketing with a minor in economics from the University of Northern Colorado graduating magna cum laude.

Mike also served as Board Chair of the Denver Chapter of the American Cancer Society. Mike’s passions include spending time with his family, traveling and exploring the world, skiing and golf.