Hole-In-One Challenge

Sink a hole-in-one!

This extremely collaborative and strategic event will bring the best out of anyone as they work together to create the most creative and challenging Hole-In-One shot. Your grWrigley May 09 032oup will be split into teams as each one will be given various pieces of equipment to set up a challenging and complex rig that will complete a hole-in-one shot. Once the time comes, we will see if your creation is up to the task of sinking the shot! But in order to be the champions, you need to do more than just make the shot.

The score of each shot will be based on; complexity (number of time the ball changes direction), time to sink the shot, sand trap and water obstacles ( number of times the ball drops to another level while in the maze), upswings (number of upward ascents of the ball from a downward decline), momentum (straight line distance from the drop point to the hole) and success.

The teams that effectively communicate and manages their time the best have the mot success! Get building!