Mindful Teamwork – 4 Strategies to Avoid Overload & Burnout

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to take a moment of pause and reflect on the power and possibilities of Mindful Teamwork. We have heard all too often from our clients how today’s pace of business is exhausting – not enough time to do it all. Technologies meant to create efficiencies often bog us down with information overload. The fact is that this frenetic pace will continue. So how can we get ahead and feel in control versus running from behind?

Conscious Communication
Much of communication in today’s workplace is achieved through emails or texts. Certainly there are times when this is appropriate and efficient. But many times, electronic communications can be misinterpreted due to style differences. Consider the efficiency of creating a dialogue by phone or face-to-face. This provides the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and to gain understanding and buy-in. A quick dialogue takes out the potential of misinterpreted assumptions and backtracking.

Flex to the Middle
Everyone has a unique way of communicating and collectively as a team those differences can make for a rich team dynamic. But often times when pressured with timelines, our style can interfere with efficient teamwork. Teams that take the time to increase personal and team communication style awareness have the ability to leverage team strengths and improve team performance. It’s not enough to complete a communications assessment, review it for the day, and then put it on the shelf – which unfortunately is all to common. Those companies that embrace a language of teamwork using assessments and put principles into on-going strategic action are teams that move together. Team members increase their awareness of how to flex to the middle – improving communication effectiveness.

Engage Your Brilliances
What gifts do you bring to your team? The highest performing teams harness those strengths and create a well-balanced flow of communication. Basketball is a great analogy. Imagine a team that moves down the court seamlessly. The ball is passed back and forth to the best person in position to advance the team. Everyone is a leader – leverage your team member strengths and empower the team to achieve efficiency in the pursuit of collective results.

Acknowledge Your Team’s Accomplishments
Think of how important it is for children to get a complement on an achievement. It instills a sense of pride and accomplishment along with motivation to keep performing. This doesn’t just go away after childhood. All of us like to be acknowledged for a job well done. Celebrate milestones – don’t wait for the end of a project. Find time to recognize accomplishments along the way and keep the team inspired and motivated.