Ropes Course Team Challenge

The challenge in the sky! The Ropes Course Team Challenge is all about communication and collaboration as teams make their way through low and high ropes challenges to victory!

Teams start out the event with series of ‘low ropes’ challenges as they get acclimated walking the tightrope, negotiating obstacles, climbing walls, and passing teammates through a giant web. Risk taking is welcomed! Challenges here include balancing a 10′ log and then switching positiropes_course_10ons, moving your team through a web of ropes to other side, and using swing ropes to avoid trip wires as they travel to a safe area.

The high ropes challenges brings in a whole different experience as harnesses supports the participants as they will working 20-50 feet in the air! Team members will cheer each other on and give advice to one another on how they can successfully complete the challenge. Some challenges include the Cat Walk, Zip Line, and the Leap of Faith.

After each challenge team members will gather around and discuss the strategies that lead them to success, and what they can learn from their experience to help them out later. Get your climb on!