Webroot Takes on Vail in Their Mission Impossible Event


The Webroot team gathered on a brisk Vail afternoon at the Manor Vale to start their Mission Impossible Adventure. Before letting the teams out into the wilds of Vail we covered the elements of the TEAM Balance Model. Many of the participates were able to identify with on more than one level. Then they were off for a fun-filled afternoon of team building!

As they raced off to the first trial you could see that each team was formulating a different strategy, many thinking outside the box as they rushed out. The rain that began did not dampen the spirts of the teams as each one fought to win! After a soggy afternoon of battle all the teams returned with only moments to spare.

These fun, energetic, and competitive teams were able to work through obstacles and reach their goals during the Mission Impossible Event. They were able to return to the office with a clearer understanding of the impact of working as a team, collaborating, communicating, and utilizing each other’s strengths. Through the event they learned new ways in which to solve problems and work effectively and efficiently!