Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas Kicks into Team Performance

bodFederal Home Loan Bank of Dallas arrived pumped up to the Irving Convention Center for the highly competitive Team Performance Challenge.

The CEO kicked things off before transitioning into action.  The TEAM Balance Model for High Engagement Teams had individual team members aligning to the model as Thinkers, Engagers, Activators, or Managers.  The bottom line – a balance in all areas leads to an efficient and effective team performing at high levels of team engagement.

The 3D Minefield had teams carefully navigating the minefield.  One misstep could lead to a snap of a mousetrap!  Next, the Rope House challenged teams to strategize before jumping into action.  No going back once hands are on the rope.   Teams then literally jumped into action with Ready, Set, Go requiring careful execution and a quality performance.

Points tallied, team members were on the edge of their seats as the final results were revealed!