How to Manage Tense Situations at Work

How can you effectively manage tension at work?  Using the principles of Everything DiSC is a powerful way to help you manage tense situations and turn them into opportunities.  Knowing your personal DiSC style provides the ability to increase awareness of how you may be perceived in the workplace.  Understanding other DiSC styles provides you with key insights into how to adapt and move towards productive dialogue.

How to Manage Tense Situations with the DiSC D StyleManaging Tension at Work

  • Focus on being diplomatic but direct.
  • Avoid feeling intimidated by the D Styles assertiveness.
  • Speak up and stick to the point.

How to Manage Tense Situations with the DiSC i Style

  • Acknowledge the importance of maintaining relationships
  • Listen to concerns and let them talk through their logic.
  • Avoid giving into demands or withdrawing from the dispute too quickly.

How to Manage Tense Situations with the DiSC S StyleManaging Tension at Work

  • Take a straightforward approach and show a desire to work through the situation quickly but thoroughly.
  • Outline specific and essential steps required to address a solution.
  • Check back and to be sure the conflict has been fully resolved.

How to Manage Tense Situations with the DiSC C Style

  • Support your opinion with facts and logic.
  • Give them time to talk through their side.
  • Address the situation directly rather than letting it simmer.

Try it out and learn how to move tension at work into productive dialogue.

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