Benefits of PXT Select Hiring Assessment

PXT Select is the leading assessment used for hiring the right people into the right positions.

“Did you know?  Employees who are well matched or a good job fit to their job are 2.5 times more productive.”  Harvard Business Review conducted a study on 360,000 individuals over a 20-year period and stated that Job Fit was the #1 predictor of success in a role.

PXT Select and Job Fit

What is Job Fit?

Job fit is the degree of congruence between an individual’s characteristics—such as cognitive ability, behavioral traits, and motivational interests—and the requirements of the job they’re asked to do.  The higher the percentage of Job Fit scored, the better fit they are for the role in question.

How does Job Fit work?

There are many tools to help organizations learn about their candidates: resumes, learned skills and experience, education, training, structured job interviews, background checks, 360 feedback, and performance reviews.

PXT Select and Job FitHowever, all these focus on PAST or CURRENT behavior. None of these provide a comprehensive look at predicting an individual’s FUTURE performance in a given role. Psychometric assessments that measure Job Fit provide a way to predict future success in a role and match talent to opportunities that build successful teams and highly productive workforces.

The science of psychometrics measures how people THINK and WORK, and what INTERESTS THEM naturally. It studies the differences between individuals at a cognitive level (can they do the job?), a behavioral level (how will they do the job?), and motivational interests level (will they enjoy the job?).  By looking at an individual’s psychometric characteristics, organizations can match people to roles they’re most likely to find success in.

For example, for an accounting role that requires high analytical skills, an organization may look at how an individual tends to be more factual than intuitive. A Project Manager role in a fast-paced organization may require an individual to operate at a higher pace on an independent basis. For an Executive role, an organization may look for people who rank higher on numerical and verbal ability and who demonstrate the skills needed to lead and craft a vision.

How is Job Fit measured?

Job Fit assessments help you make better talent management decisions by helping you understand the core characteristics needed for someone to perform successfully in a given role. There are many kinds of employee assessments available, but the most successful ones use Job Fit as a tool to increase consistency and success in the talent selection and development process.

With over 20+ years of research and rigorous validation behind it, the PXT Select assessment utilizes psychometric data to help organizations understand how people think and work.

Take Oliver Chase, who is being considered for a role as a Project Manager, as an example. His overall fit is 86%. How was this measured?PXT Select Job RolePXT Select measures 20 different variables that shed light on an individual’s cognitive ability, behavioral traits, and motivational interests and benchmarks them against the role requirements. The closer the result to the target, the better the fit.The data collected from the assessment is used to create a personalized candidate profile, which is then compared against a unique job profile, becoming the foundation for selecting and nurturing talented people.PXT Select Job Fit

PXT Select provides quantitative candidate data and insights for organizations to make smarter selection decisions, understand team dynamics needed to meet business goals, develop their people, build career paths, and engage their workforce to their full potential.

How can Job Fit help optimize your talent strategy?

Companies that make talent decisions based on Job Fit find themselves better suited to connect business strategy with talent strategy in order to drive results and deliver on expectations. Those outcomes begin by using objective data and a proven methodology to proactively plan the role requirements, select the right people in the right roles, and nurture them to be successful.

With Job Fit, organizations can make smart talent decisions that answer questions like:

  • Does the person fit the job? The team? The manager?
  • Who are the right team players for highly visible projects?
  • How do we identify top performers?
  • Who is ready for a promotion or a stretch assignment on a new team?
  • What roles are better suited for someone ready for a career move?

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