Everything DiSC + Emotional Intelligence = Agile EQ

We are excited to announce the release of Everything DiSC Agile EQ!  This latest Everything DiSC assessment from Wiley takes the DiSC experience to the next level.  Building on the foundation of the Everything DiSC model, the Agile EQ profile evaluates eight emotional mindsets that shape our workplace interactions.  Learning to stretch to other mindsets expands your ability, giving you the agility to reach for healthy, effective response whatever the circumstance.

Differences Between Everything DiSC Agile EQ and other EQ Products

Many EQ products focus on Emotional Intelligence as a numerical score.  Although Everything DiSC Agile EQ also measures aspects of emotional intelligence highlighted using an effort meter —this assessment is primarily a development tool. The main purpose of Agile EQ is not to report a clinical evaluation of emotional intelligence. Instead, it focuses on applying Emotional Intelligence across any situation.  It’s designed to help a person understand where personal development might be needed, why it’s needed, and how to apply specific strategies to a wide range of emotional and social situations. Instead of focusing on your EQ score, it looks at how you could actually improve your EQ?


The My EQ Snapshot provides a summary of your EQ strengths for quick reference and the opportunity to share with others. Your top three EQ Mindsets, how your needs power your EQ, and your effect on others reinforces the gifts you bring to the team and helps navigate opportunities to stretch to other mindsets.

The Eight Agile EQ Mindsets

Each EQ Mindset highlights the level of effort it takes for you to interact within that mindset.  Actionable scenarios increase awareness and understanding of how this might show up in the workplace.  Specific strategies are outlined to coach you on how to increase your agility within that mindset.  Check out an Agile EQ Sample Report

The Agile EQ Report follows a 3-step process:  Discover – Recognize – Act.

  1. The Discover section provides insight into your DiSC style and your EQ mindsets that shape your interactions with others.
  2. The second section introduces you to other EQ mindsets and helps you recognize the value in each of the them.
  3. The third section provides steps to start adopting these other EQ mindsets and develop effective responses.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ assessment is a hands-on, actionable report providing specific strategies to put into practice.  Each EQ Mindset provides steps to move forward from beginner to intermediate, to advanced steps.  An Action Planning guide supports your plan and provides the opportunity to track your performance.

Give the Everything DiSC Agile EQ a try!  Included with the assessment is a 30 minute coaching debrief with one of our professionally certified facilitators.