Change Management for Agile Leaders

Change Management is an essential skill for Agile Leaders in today’s fast-paced work environment.  Using the Change Style Indicator model provides agile leaders with a framework for driving efficient, collaborative and productive problem-solving and decision making during times of change.

The Change Style Indicator (CSI) assessment measures an individual’s preferred style when approaching and managing change.  This skill provides agile leaders the ability to drive productive dialogue during times of fast-paced change.  Here are seven benefits of the Change Style Indicator assessment.


The Change Style Indicator helps individuals gain insight into their own preferred style of dealing with change. By understanding natural tendencies and reactions, individuals can better comprehend strengths and limitations, leading to increased self-awareness. Self-awareness is a cornerstone of emotional intelligence and agile leadership.


Change is an inevitable part of life, and organizations are constantly evolving. The CSI helps individuals identify their strengths and areas for development, enabling them to enhance their ability to adapt and navigate through change effectively.  Adaptability is an essential characteristic for agile leaders.

Team Collaboration

The Change Style Indicator not only provides insights into individual styles but also helps individuals understand and appreciate the diverse styles of their team members. This understanding promotes better communication, collaboration, and cooperation within teams, especially during times of rapid change.

Change Leadership

The CSI is a valuable tool for leaders and managers. It assists them in recognizing their own change style preferences and their potential impact on others. With this knowledge, leaders can adapt their approach to lead change initiatives more effectively and support their team members in the change process.

Conflict Resolution

Change can sometimes lead to conflicts and tensions within teams or organizations. The CSI can help individuals understand the underlying reasons for conflict by identifying differing change styles. By recognizing and appreciating different perspectives, individuals can work towards resolving conflicts more constructively.

Three Change Styles

The Change Style Indicator model outlines three distinct change styles: Conservers, Originators, and Pragmatists. Understanding the differences between these styles helps teams to engage in more efficient communications and to better navigate solutions when working under the pressure of time.  Studies have shown that Agile Leaders who employ this model of change management increase their performance significantly.

Change Planning

By understanding the range of change styles within a group or organization, the CSI can inform change planning processes. It enables leaders to anticipate potential challenges and design change strategies that address the diverse needs and preferences of individuals or teams, leading to smoother transitions.

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