4 DiSC Personality Motivators to Energize the Team

Everything DiSC ModelPut these 4 DiSC Personality Motivators into action to energize your team.  The difference between good teams and great teams is determined by how well a team is able to balance across the four DiSC styles.  Understanding what drives each DiSC style provides teams with the ability to leverage strengths and achieve results.

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DiSC Personality Style ‘D’:  Dominance

DiSC D StyleIndividuals with preferences in the DiSC D Style prioritize a fast-paced workplace.  They enjoy challenges and pursuing new opportunities striving for immediate results.

What Motivates the DiSC D Style:
  • Action-Oriented Environment
  • Short & Concise
  • Controlling Outcomes
  • Independence

DiSC Personality Style ‘i’:  Influence

DiSC i StyleIndividuals with the DiSC “i” Style are excited about new possibilities and are often viewed as expressive.  They are upbeat and enjoy collaboration when discussing ideas.

What Motivates the DiSC i Style:
  • Action and Progress
  • Collaboration and Rallying the Team
  • Friendly Relationships


DiSC Personality Style ‘S’:  Steadiness

DiSC S StylePeople with the DiSC S style are good listeners and are often seen as accommodating and patient.  They value a supportive environment and will go out of their way to help others.

What Motivates the DiSC S Style:
  • Predictable and Stable Environment
  • A Cautious and Methodical Pace
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Opportunities to Help


DiSC Personality Style ‘C’:  Conscientiousness

Individuals with the DiSC C style value accuracy and quality results. They tend to separate emotions from facts and analyze alternatives rationally.

What Motivates the DiSC C Style:
  • Challenging Assumptions
  • Stable and Cautious Pace
  • Precision & Follow-Through
  • Systems & Processes

Next time you are in a meeting, keep in mind the 4 DiSC personality motivators.  Observe your teammates and try to increase your awareness of what communication strategies work best.

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