A Happy Employee Means a Healthy Company

A strong and positive workplace environment can do wonders for employers. People who feel comfortable and are happy while they are at work are going to have a bigger return on those employees than if they are not. Some employees may feel like they’re not a part of the team or not comfortable expressing themselves in the workplace. A survey by Randstad had 70% of its responses saying friendships at work creates a more supportive and friendly workplace, 69% said it increases teamwork, and over half responded with that it increases morale. It really isn’t a surprise that people enjoy their jobs when they feel comfortable and are friends with their coworkers.

One of the best ways to get employees to build their relationships is putting together a team building event! During a team building event (especially one that isn’t in the office) employees are in a more relaxed atmosphere where there isn’t a hierarchy everyone has to follow. Here, they get a chance build a sense of. Coworkers should get the chance to have fun while working towards a goal that isn’t a deadline or a sales objective. It gives them the opportunity to interact with each other in a non pressure situation, and a chance to see each other in a way they haven’t before.

When these bonds are formed, you can see its effects translated in the workplace. Everyone will be more cheerful, they will be working more effectively and efficiently, and everyone will feel as though they are apart of the company team. These are just some effects that a positive atmosphere could create in the workplace.

Of course, there’s more to team building than just building better relationships. Check out this infographic from Business 2 Community.