Janssen Pharma Mission Impossible: Mystery in LODO, Denver, CO


The Teams from Janssen Pharma were buzzing with anticipation as they gathered in downtown Denver for their Mission Impossible Mystery in Lodo adventure. After spending a full day in meetings, they were excited to unwind and have some fun. The competitiveness started early as they attempted to persuade the leader into giving them hints, but no hints were given to these fired-up contenders. As soon the rules were explained, the teams were off and running!

Racing through the streets of Denver, the teams utilized every resource and strategy to crack their codes and get ahead. The highly collaborative Janssen group kept a fun and competitive spirit throughout the entire event. The two hours melted away, as teams rushed back to mission headquarters to see which team would take the winning title. They all checked their watches eagerly, ready to dock points from any straggling team.

Friendly heckling arose between them, as they waited for the final scores to be announced – along with the highly coveted bragging rights among their coworkers. With a zealous cheer, the winners were announced with a mere 250 point difference between the top two teams. The excitement of Janssen Pharma spilled into all corners of the room and everyone was ready to celebrate their victory. Every team was a winner today because they all worked together to complete the challenge.