Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge

Ready, set, race!

The Amazing Adventure Race Scavenger Challenge is a frantic, highly competitive an081d strategic race across the map to find and complete as many challenges before time runs out! Whether it’s in a city or in the wilderness, the teams will have the time  of their lives to out do their opponents and collect as many points as possible.

Spread across the Field of Play Race Area are a number of challenges of varying degrees of difficulty. When a team completes one of the challenge locations, they receive the points and move on to the next location. Beware! There are an abundance of challenge locations, but there’s not enough time to complete them all. The teams must collaborate and plan an efficient route and adapt on the fly if they want to come home as the winners!

Each team will have a camera to document the madness, and at the end a slideshow will show all the great moments each team had on their journey.