Charity Bike Team Challenge


The task is simple: build a bike for a child in need with your team. However, the parts for the bikes need to be earned!

In this event, each team will engage in 3-5 intensely collaborative challenges. Now these challenges aren’t simple puzzles or some basic trivia. They are complex and active problem solving activities that will require the coordination and collaboration of the entire team. These types of activities will bring the best of everyone’s communication skills and problem solving techniques. After each challenge is completed, the team will receive a new part for the bike. When all the parts are acquired and the bike is built, it’s time for the team to decorate and customize the bike for its recipient!

When will the bikes be given to the kids? The precipitants will think they will be delivered to the children after the event is over. That is not the case. When every team is finished with their newly built and decorated bike, the kids are brought out to see their new gifts and the people who made them! The children are unaware they are receiving a brand new bike, and their reactions will touch the hearts of everyone involved.