IQ Wired – Mission Impossible: Mystery at the Denver Museum



The teams from IQ Wired arrived with high spirits on this sunny March afternoon in Denver, Colorado. Eager to jump in and excited to discover who would be the winners, they joined up with Corporate Teams for the Mission Impossible: Mystery at the Denver Museum, a fun and competitive Scavenger Hunt Team Building Event.

These co-workers all work remotely and yet, their sense of community and general admiration for their fellow employees shined through. When asked what they most liked about working with the people on their team, many chimed in with similar statements, “We are the best of the best,” “The cream of the crop.” They not only enjoyed their jobs and were passionate about what they do, they also know that the rest of their teams feel the same way. What’s so great about this, is that at Corporate Teams we always say it’s the “energy” of the individuals on your team that take you to top performance. At IQ Wired, it was evident that the energy of the people was spot on!

We kicked off the event overlooking downtown Denver and City Park in the west-facing atrium. It was the perfect start to a fun event.

Teams were randomly assigned at the kick-off, adding to the excitement. They had two hours to explore the museum and score as many points as possible. They eagerly devoured the “codes” and hit the ground running.

On their return, the teams were full of energy and excitement. Upon scoring, we learned that being an avid museum visitor, does not give you an advantage in a game of strategy! About 3500 points separated the teams from 3rd to 2nd, and 2nd to 1st place! It was exciting to watch as they all cheered and congratulated each other.

What a great Team!