National CineMedia Denver Zoo Mission Impossible Event!

National CineMedia gathered at the Denver Zoo for an exciting Mission Impossible event! Each team was assigned a fun name — Kung-9Fu Pandas, Tenacious Turtles, Kamikaze Geckos, and Funky Monkeys – and they embraced their new identity with delight. The weather on their side they race out into the zoo with an atmosphere of collaboration and team work surrounding them. They enthusiastically raced from challenge to challenge hoping to be the team to come out on top.

The teams cracked each mission, enjoying the animals, the cool summer afternoon, and having fun. With the treat of ice cream well in the sights of each team they strategically completed as many challenges as possible. All of the teams were in good spirits as the winners were announced. The most competitive team came in 4th, while the fastest collected the top points. In the end everyone was a winner during this Mission Impossible Challenge.