Team Olympic Challenge

The Olympics are here! The Team Olympic Challenge that is. This event is high energy and intensely competitive that includes a variety of challenges for teams to conquer.

The event kicks off as the teams gather for the opening ceremonies where they will proudly show off their colors and customized flag. Here the challenges aHappy Team Hillsboroughre announced as the teams eagerly await to outdo their competitors to take home to the gold. Now we’re not all as fit as Olympic athletes, but that’s not a problem! The challenges here are an assortment of wacky and collaborative team challenges that everyone will love to participate in. Some of these events include: Ready, Set, Jump; Team on their Toes; Can You Hear Me Now?; Up, Up in the Air; Step, Step, Squeeze; Volleyball Relay; Home Run Derby; Frisbee Golf Challenge. The teams strategy and ability to effectively execute the challenges are the keys to winning!  Communicate!

Teams gather at the end of the challenges to celebrate completing the Olympics, and to give awards to the top three teams. Don’ miss out your chance to compete in the Olympics!