Neutrogena Donates Bikes to Boys/Girls Club of L.A.

Neutrogena Builds and Donates Bikes to Boys-Girls Clubs of LA

All hands were on deck during this fast paced Charity Team Challenge! The Manufacturing Management team from Neutrogena worked strategically and efficiently competing against teammates to earn valuable parts for the assembly of colorful bikes. A bit of elbow grease, collaborative teamwork, and lots of creativity resulted in brightly decorated bikes customized with a personalized inspirational message.

The lucky recipients were chosen from the Boys/Girls Club of LA for demonstrating respectful leadership behavior. It was hard to know which group was more surprised — the Neutrogena team who did not realize the kids were coming to receive the bikes or the recipient kids who had no idea what they would be doing on their afternoon field trip. What we do know is that everyone was smiling as Neutrogena team members helped the kids with their helmets and bike seats and then off for a big spin as the kids took to the pavement for a ride!

This is an event to remember – find out more by clicking here!