Save The Titanic!

Rewrite history and help save the Titanic! This challenge pits teams against each other to build the best raft that is seaworthy. Each team is first given materials to build 3 independent pieces of the ship (bow, middle, stern) that can each safely carry 4 passengers. Once those pieces are created and tested successfully, the team will then have to carefully assemble them together.  This final ship must be able to carry at least 9 passengers around an iceberg in the water and land safely at shore.

The teams will be evaluated on 6 components: efficiency, team collaboration, time in water, risk-taking, customer appeal and quality.  As you can tell, the fastest team doesn’t always come out the winners. The smartest and most creative tend to have the higher scores. Think outside the ship!

Of course, that doesn’t mean the pressure of time still isn’t there. All the teams will need to put their minds together, innovate, and communicate effectively to beat out both their peers and the waves!

027Trimming the Sail