Sears Holding Mission Impossible: Mystery at Navy Pier, Chicago, IL


Everyone from Sears Holdings, INC. came zooming in from all across the country, ready to spend the afternoon racing through Navy Pier to compete in the Mission Impossible Team Challenge. Teams geared up, as they created their plans of action to not only earn them the most points – but also the much desired “bragging rights” among the group!

The teams raced about, using every strategy they could think of to complete their tasks and win the mission. It was a true test of teamwork and collaboration to win the race. And the winning team was… Everyone!!!

After a fun day of competition and honing their team skills to win the challenge, everyone was rewarded with a dinner cruise on the Spirit of Chicago. Over dinner they were able to see how each team worked together to complete their goals and laugh over mishaps and triumphs alike in their strategy.