Shiny, New Bikes for Indiana Children!

Recently, a non-profit Children’s Advocacy Organization in Michigan City, Indiana – The Dunebrook Organization – was the recipient of a special charitable contribution from Alcoa-Howmet LaPorte. The Leadership Team from the Casting Division of Alcoa-Howmet LaPorte participated in Corporate Teams’ Charity Bike Challenge. The Team gathered off-site, at the Dunebrook Facility, for an intensely collaborative and highly energetic event where they engaged in a variety of thought-provoking, engaging, and unique problem solving activities. Successful completion of each activity earned teams the necessary parts to build shiny new bicycles for the recipient children of Dunebrook. At the end of the day, several of the representatives from Dunebrook showed up to graciously accept the beautifully decorated bikes for the facility, and to personally thank Alcoa-Howmet for their tremendous support. Everyone was all smiles as the Alcoa-Howmet participants and the Dunebrook representatives spent time talking about the positive impact the day’s activities would have on the special children of Dunebrook. 

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