Team Building and School Supplies for 1st Graders in New Orleans!

Forty 1st Graders from the Boys/Girls Club of West Bank New Orleans were all smiles as they received backpacks full of new school supplies.  A team of sales and marketing professionals from Microflex came together to engage in some friendly but competitive team building while decorating and filling backpacks with school supplies and games.  Using a ‘School Days’ theme, Microflex team members relived the days of hula hoop, hopscotch and slinky as just a few of the many competitive challenges. 

 At the end, the surprise was on the Microflex team as the kids arrived on-site.  Creativity was key as the kids carefully chose their packs!  All in all, a great day of building team camaraderie and giving back to a well deserved cause!

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