The Green Team from the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy

This week, 70 members of the Sustainability Team of the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy took to the streets of Chicago on, what turned out to be, a beautiful, sunny, warm Spring evening!

Following a very informative session about the Sustainability Initiatives throughout the city of Chicago, participants had the opportunity to see how specific locations throughout the city were going green and were able to make recommendations on how these locations could further their efforts! All a part of the Mission Impossible; Mystery in Chicago teambuilding event, the Innovation Center chose to incorporate a Sustainable theme to personalize the Mission Impossible Program to their team.

Racing against the clock, teams quickly traveled from the north end of Michigan Avenue all the way south past Millennium Park, stopping at various locations along the way to solve intensely collaborative tasks and challenges. Was it the fastest team that won or the team with the best strategy?

Overall, it was a fantastic mission that resulted in a great time had by all! We look forward to the opportunity to partner with this fun, energetic, and green team again soon!