Win It In a Minute Team Challenge

The fast paced, high active, and intensely competitive Win It In a Minute Team Challenge is sure to fire up your team. Everyone is split into teams, the names of which they create, and face off in a series of rapid, competitive challenges based on the game show ‘Minute to Win it.’ Some of these hands-on challenges require the coordination and engagement of the entire team while others may only need one or two members. The teams may have time to practice their strategies before the challenges, but some require everyone to jump right in to it blind. Points will be awarded based on overall performance after each challenge, so even if you finish the fastest that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive the most points- the smartest teams will! The team who accumulates the most points after all the challenges wins!

The Win It In a Minute Team Challenge is a perfect icebreaker to kick off events, or as an engaging pick me up after long hours in the office. Our goal is to inspire and develop team work amongst the competitors while incorporating strategic and collaborative team building challenges. The pressure of competition and working against the clock emphasizes the importance of communication amongst the team members, and they must figure out the most efficient and effective ways to do so in order to win!