4 Powerful Strategies to Attract Customers and Increase Sales

Understanding what Drives customers helps sales professionals to tap into the underlying priorities of what is important to a customer.  People’s motives for making a purchase decision vary significantly.  It is up to us to listen, recognize priorities, and adapt communication to create alignment with customers and present a solution that meets their needs.  It’s not just ‘what’ you say, it’s ‘how’ you deliver the message in a way that is meaningful and provides value to the customer.

What Do ‘D’ Customers Prioritize?

  • They Expect Bottom-Line Results

‘D’ customers prioritize concrete results.  They are often insistent in wanting to know the direct effect that a product or service will have on their business.  They seek immediate and uncomplicated returns on an investment.

  • Customers Expect Competency from a Salesperson

‘D’ customers prioritize competency in both themselves and others.  They look for confidence and a ‘can-do’ approach.  It is important to deliver on your promises and to avoid mistakes.

  • ‘D’ Customers Expect Fast Action & Forward Motion

Action is the priority.  ‘D’ customers have little need for lengthy discussions or the minutia of details.  Stick to key points.  They value getting to a decision quickly and seeing immediate results.


What Do ‘i’ Customers Prioritize?

  • They Expect Enthusiasm and Excitement

‘i’ customers want to feel excited about a product or service.  They rely on intuition versus making a decision on facts and data.  Commitment is gained through inspiration and outward passion about a solution.

  • Customers Expect Fast Action and Immediate Impact

Stay away from details and instead focus on bottom line results to help a customer reach their intuitive decisions.  They are motivated to possibilities with immediate impact.

  • ‘i’ Customers Value Friendly & Trusting Relationships

Personal relationships are important – they want to get to know the person they are doing business with before committing.  Trust is a strong value built through conversation and a genuine interest in their business – while focusing on the bottom line.


What Do ‘S’ Customers Prioritize?

  • They Expect Sincerity and a Genuine Approach

‘S’ customers want to know you are sincere and support their best interests.  In their desire to appease people, you might find others may dominate the conversation which give the impression that they can be easily persuaded. Keep them involved and make them feel a part of the process.

  • Customers Expect a Trusting Relationship

They strive for the comfort of a trustworthy relationship.  They want to feel that you care about them, not just as customers, and that you are interested in their unique situations.  They may be slow to open up – take time to build the personal side of business.

  • ‘S’ Customers Expect Dependability from the Salesperson and the Solution

Assurances of dependability is of high priority.  ‘S’ customers are cautious – they need to know you will be around if things don’t go as planned.  Present the specifics of your solution and provide guarantees to achieve the concreate reassurance they need.


What Do ‘C’ Customers Prioritize?

  • They Expect High-Quality Products and Services

‘C’ customers value quality.  Provide details that substantiate the validity of a solution.  These individuals maintain high standards – confidence in a solution is critical to gain commitment.

  • Customers Expect Dependability and Accountability

Avoid surprises.  They value dependability in products and services and the people they do business with.  Skeptical by nature, don’t promise more than you can deliver.  Provide assurance that you will be around to take accountability if things don’t go as planned.

  • ‘C’ Customers Value Competency and Expertise

Competency is key to success.  They know their business and expect you to be as knowledgeable as well.  They like working with experts who can support their claims with evidence and details.  When presenting some new or different, it is important to talk through the idea in a logical and analytical manner.


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