DiSC Sales Strategies to Drive Results & Connect with Clients

Customers have endless choices when it comes to purchasing products and services. Certainly, it is important to have a key point of differentiation and hopefully most companies are equipped to make this known. But this may not always be the reason a client makes a purchase decision. Peace of mind comes when a purchase experience comes with a connection and the ability to provide seamless support.

Understanding the customer and what is important to them is the first step to creating a connection. Not only are you better able to meet their needs, you have an opportunity to build a longer-term partnership that may drive future business.

Sales Interaction Process:  Using the principles of DiSC, you can quickly recognize DiSC Buying Styles and tap into what motivates a potential customer. Refer to the graphic and think of a potential customer. First ask yourself: Is this customer fast-paced and outspoken or cautious and reflective? And then ask: Is this customer questioning and skeptical or accepting and warm? Select the quadrant that represents your answers and you will discover valuable insight into what drives your customer.


Check Out These Quick Tip DiSC Sales Strategies:

Customers with a D Style

As you can see on the graphic, clients with a D (Dominance) style are both fast-paced & outspoken and questioning & skeptical. They tend to be assertive, confident, and bold, and are not afraid to express their opinions. These customers often know what they want and make up their minds quickly, even if the decision is important or complicated.

• Get to the bottom line quickly
• Keep away from the details and focus on the big picture
• Focus on results

Customers with an i Style

Customers who demonstrate an i (Influence) style are both fast-paced & outspoken and accepting & warm. In general, they tend to be extroverted, optimistic, and energetic. They are likely to appreciate small talk or even tangential conversations that have little to do with what you’re selling. They may be more interested in creating a friendly, informal atmosphere.

• Consider the possibilities for innovation or groundbreaking ideas
• Support reliance on intuition or gut instinct
• Keep a positive outlook and friendly demeanor

Customers with a S Style

Customers with an S Style (Steadiness) are both accepting & warm and cautious & reflective. They tend to be soft-spoken, humble, and accommodating. Although friendly and agreeable, they lean towards caution and can sometimes be reluctant when making decisions. Certainty and reinsurance are important to minimize avoidance of change and/or trying new ways of doing things.

• Move along at a moderate or methodical pace
• Demonstrate good listening skills
• Be patient and provide assurance when making changes

Customers with a C Style

Customers who demonstrate a C style (Conscientiousness) are both questioning & skeptical and cautious & reflective. They tend to be systematic, reserved, and analytical. Can be challenging to read with a likeliness of low expressiveness. Tendency to stick to the facts and away from personal sharing.

• Provide facts in a methodical way
• Stay away from getting personal
• Outline the details of the solution

Put the Customer Interaction Mapping Guide into action and increase awareness of how to create connection with customers.

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