Cool New Shoes!

Many of us don’t think twice about a closet full of shoes. But for the kids supported through the services of the Marillac & St. Vincent organization, one pair of shoes may be the only. Takeda Pharmaceuticals came together to make a difference in the... More

Race the Mag Mile!

The Lafarge team kicked it into gear exploring Chicago’s iconic Mag Mile.  Team members put their heads together to crack the codes of a series of mind-bending Missions.  Unlocking the location of a Mission Challenge, teams raced to complete creative,... More

A Day with the Texas Longhorns 

Verizon Wireless’ sales team raced the streets of the Ft Worth Stockyards with the Texas Longhorns. Working under cover, teams attempted to outwit their competition combining speed and smarts. It was teams that best maintained the fine balance between the... More

The Ultimate Race for Team TEA

The Pepsi Lipton sales team geared up for a fast, competitive, and intensely collaborative race on the shores of Key Biscayne. Blue skies, lots of Florida sunshine and a nice breeze off the ocean made it the perfect day for the Ultimate Race.  Working under... More

Sink Or Swim?

The senior leadership team from Gables Residential gathered poolside in Dallas for the Titanic Team Challenge.  Working in a simulated virtual environment, teams paired up to design the Bow and Stern sections and ultimately build a giant Titanic ship. ... More

Out of Mess, Creativity?

Is your desk drowning in unorganized piles of paper, sticky notes, yesterday’s coffee and other clutter? Or is your desk organized and squeaky clean? Most people tend to fall into one of these categories, and there’s research that shows it may not... More

MetLife Wins It!

Six teams from Metlife gathered for the fun, fast-paced, and collaborative team building experience, Win It in a Minute team challenge! Ready for a quick break in a week full of meetings the teams were full of energy as they started. The teams balanced die on... More