Bridgepoint Education and Ashford University Charity Bike Team challenge


Heroes day with Bridgepoint Education and Ashford University started off on a chilly San Diego morning, but the event quickly heated up as participants began the charity bike challenge! They had 250 attendees ready to build 50 bikes for some very deserving children. You could see the excitement and sense of pride on everyones face as they listened to their CEO inspiring the message of community and giving back with his team.

They all gathered around the playground at the SanDiego Salvation Army Kroc Center for a series of fun photos before heading into the gymnasium to get started. We kicked things off with a gratitude circle, giving teams a chance to share something they were thankful for in their own life, in honor of helping someone else.

Then, we jumped in! Teams had to unlock a secret code in order to get their tools to assemble their bike. They raced to decipher the inspirational message that would allow them to get started. With the music pumping and the energy high, teams were moving fast! Everyone worked together to build and decorate their bikes. They collaborated to come up with creative messages of inspiration for their recipient child. We saw many fun and heartfelt messages from the teams and the bikes looked incredible!

Everyone headed back out to the playground, with their new bikes in tow, to get ready for the arrival of the children. With excitement and gusto, nearly 50 children and their families came running towards the bikes! The Bridgepoint and Ashford team cheered with awe! It was an amazing moment!

One-by-one the children introduced themselves, sharing something they loved or enjoyed. A few of the children even said “math” and “books” and “science” – which definitely got cheers out of this education-centered-corporation. The kids each found their bikes and we ended the day with some group photos and the participants getting to meet their recipients.

The charity events that Corporate Teams facilitates are always special for everyone involved. The teams from Bridgepoint and Ashford were overwhelmed with the spirit of giving back. The children and families who received the bikes were moved to tears by their generosity. The folks from the Salvation Army Kroc Center were proud to support an event that exemplifies their purpose in the community. In the end, it’s a win-win-win!