Philips Healthcare Mission Impossible: Ft. Lauderdale Riverwalk


The teams from Philips Healthcare ventured out in the Florida sunshine to hit the streets of the Riverwalk district in Ft. Lauderdale. More 50 participants showed up ready to go. They had their walking shoes on and their competitive spirits in their back pockets!

The event started with the teams sharing what they most enjoyed about one another—you could tell this team didn’t stop being a team at the end of the day. Their friendships and sense of community extended into their personal lives as well. “Work hard, play hard” one team member said, and that seemed to be the consensus, that they all wanted to work hard together, but also have fun together.

They had just an hour and forty-five minutes to rack up the most points and the teams were ready to hit the streets (and possibly the spots with the most shade). The air was filled with excitement and laughter as the teams took off through the streets of the Riverwalk.

As the program neared its end, the teams all scurried to get the last of their photos and points. We wrapped things up at the Huizenga Plaza were we discussed how collaboration, like in this program, impacted the workplace. Both the team manager, and myself encouraged people to go back to work with that same mindset.

The Philips teams had an amazing time at the Riverwalk. They worked well together, had fun, and learned some interesting facts about the area, their teammates, and of course themselves.