Merz Team Performance Challenge St. Louis, MO



This February, Merz Sales Representatives from around the country braved the St. Louis cold to gather for several days of corporate meetings.  As part of their agenda, participants had an opportunity to engage in a break-out team building event facilitated by Corporate Teams.  The Merz participants brought their high-energy and collaborative nature to a series of competitive activities incorporated in the Team Performance Challenge.

Working in their Regional Sales Teams, the participants showed team spirit by sporting colored bandanas as they participated in the event.  Collaboration, competitiveness and speed was required as the teams engaged in the Team Efficiency Pipeline Activity, where team members scurried to connect their pipelines to move a traveling golf ball to the end goal; as well as the Ready, Set, Run Activity in which team members raced to identify numbered markers in sequence throughout the playing field.

Strategy and communication came to the forefront during the Rope House Activity, where team members attempted to replicate a house design while not removing their hands from a single piece of rope.  Merz representatives no doubt learned the importance of collaborating, communicating, and strategizing as they worked…not to be the fastest team…but to be the smartest team!