Covidien Mission Impossible on Pearl Street Boulder, CO



The Covidien teams had a perfect blend of Colorado sunshine and mild temperatures for their adventure on Pearl Street in Boulder. As we gathered on the lawn for the kickoff, we asked the teams what they liked most about the people they worked with. Some of their responses were “passion,” “people who care,” and “fun.” And you could see that they truly meant it by how they engaged with one another.

The teams consisted of a small group of locals and the rest of the individuals traveled here from throughout the country. By the time we started the competition everyone was laughing and getting along like they all worked in the same office.

Leaders were chosen and strategies were in place when everyone took off with excitement. The teams darted through the streets of Boulder, in search of all the many hidden secrets, as they tried to complete all their missions. It was a race to the finish and the teams arrived in great spirits with each team believing they were the winners!

As we announced each placing team, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd, the cheers grew louder. It was so great to see everyone pulling for each other, despite the competition. The 1st place team was announced with a 3500 point lead and the crowd went wild with excitement.

What a great team!!!