Skillsoft Buddies for Health Team Challenge – Rosen Center Orlando, FL


While it was an unusually cool February day in Florida, the Skillsoft sales meeting heated up during the Buddies for Health event. Over 400 Skillsoft team members poured into the ballroom at the Rosen Center Hotel to give back to Children’s of Florida Hospital. Skillsoft values giving back and participating in their communities and it was evident by the participation, excitement and enthusiasm of the teams.

We kicked off the event with each team participating in a “Circle of Gratitude” – allowing the teams to have a chance to get to know one another and share something that was important to them in their lives. The teams celebrated one another’s gratitude with loud applause and cheers. The were asked to put themselves in the shoes of the families receiving the Buddies for Health and how touched they would be if someone was doing this for their child.

As the teams began, they jumped in with gusto! They strategized over their themes, worked together to decorate their t-shirts, and creatively decorated their cards. We saw some amazing themes from sports, to princesses, to rainbows and superheroes. The teams were highly engaged and energized and even honored to be doing something good for children and charity.

To wrap up the event, everyone brought all the buddies to the front of the room where they lined the stage. As they were presented to Lisa, a Family Ambassador for the Florida Hospital for Children, she spoke her thanks and gratitude to the Skillsoft team. Lisa was touched and blown away to receive such a wonderful gift for the children. “I did everything I could to hold it together,” she said as she fought back her tears. They were touched. Knowing that all the children at the hospital would have a Buddy to keep their spirits bright. Some had tears in their eyes and all were thrilled to be a part of something so special.

To close, all the teams applauded one another.  Everyone gathered around the stage to look at the creative work of their team members, chatting about how much fun they had! It was a wonderful event and one the Skillsoft teams will remember for a very long time.