Siemens Corporation – Universal City Walk Mission Impossible Orlando, FL


On the last full day of their meetings, the Siemens group joined up with Corporate Teams for a fun, high-energy, collaborative event in sunny Orlando Florida. They were already showing their competitive sides when they arrived looking spirited and ready to win the Mission Impossible: Mystery at CityWalk.

As the teams hit the grounds of CityWalk, they dashed around the property completing their challenges and taking creative photos. Their energy was high and some teams were claiming their “winning status” right from the start.

The streets of City Walk were packed with guests exiting the parks and the nightlife was heating up, making the Missions even more fun, and more Impossible to navigate through all the people.

We wrapped up the event at Hard Rock, where the teams enjoyed a delicious southern style buffet. As we announced the winners, the teams listened with eager anticipation—we began with team #14 and worked our way up—but only to team #4. We let the suspense build because the folks at Siemens had extra special prizes for the top three teams. They gave to the 3rd place team new headsets and the 2nd place team a Roku. And finally, the 1st place team would receive an Apple TV!

It was a team building event they would never forget and neither will we!