S-One Holdings Corporation Mission Impossible: Mystery in Sarasota, FL


It was a beautiful Florida day on the coast of Sarasota when 86 team members of the S-One Holdings Corporation gathered together for their pre-event drinks at O’Leary’s. They strategized and formulated plans to set out on their Mission Impossible Mystery in Sarasota with Corporate Teams.

The mood was festive and laced with intense competition. Who would be the victorious team to complete the most challenges and gather the most points? Everyone took off in a flash! Darting through the streets and up the beach, leaving no location unscavenged.

At last, it was time to crown the winning team as everyone from S-One gathered at mission headquarters to celebrate the day. Laughter was everywhere as they told stories and shared funny photos of their afternoon adventure.

We congratulated all the teams from S-One because they all accomplished the most important mission of all… they worked together as a highly engaged, more unified team, creating stronger bonds with their fellow team members. Well done!