Charter Media Buddies For Health Team Challenge- Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva, WI



EVOLUTION…The 2014 theme for Charter Media! While the group of nearly 100 participated in Corporate Team’s Buddies for Health Team Challenge, teams were given the opportunity to ‘evolve’ as they navigated their way through some fun, engaging and collaborative activities.

In the Tarp Turnover, teams worked together to devise a strategy to solve the problem. How would the teams put their strategies into place? In every case, the initial strategy ‘evolved’ as the teams moved into action and realized the adjustments necessary to bring them to their end objective.

The TEAM Balance activity really challenged team members to listen to each other’s ideas and to appreciate the importance of trial and error. Again, strategies needed to evolve as teams learned what worked and what didn’t and as eventually, additional information was provided to help teams reach the goal.

At the culmination of each of the activities, teams were given materials to stuff a variety of little animals and decorate cute, white t-shirts for the animals. These stuffed ladybugs, bunnies, bears, lions and monkeys would ultimately be donated to the young, deserving patients of Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Each of the 9 teams was tasked with creating four stuffed animals. At the end of the day, there were nearly 40 animals – all guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient children.

Throughout the experience, we were able to make many parallel connections to the overall theme for Charter Media – all while allowing the participants to have a ton of fun! And in the end, they did something wonderful for a fabulous cause!